VAULT·A is A3 BIOMETRIC CONNECTIONS S.R.L. (LLC)’s brand of Identification as a Service and of secure payment, using the unbreakable key: your biometric data.

We have implemented in Romania this possibility of identification and secure payment and is already available in Carrefour store @ Green Court, Orhideea and Baneasa. The enrolment process is very simple and following the enrolment you could buy any products by simply placing your fingerprint on the biometric reader.

The simplest possible way to checkout, fast and secure, saving you time and offering you the most secure payment system.

Should you wish to contact us, please see our contact details below.
We are happy to hearing from you and would be glad if you shared with us your experience with our VAULT·A product.


We have created the most secure and fast identification service and payment safety layer that exists in the market. We always wanted to be cash-less, card-less, device-less and carefree. And such, our engineering team in France has developed VAULT·A, a solution that encompasses all these needs.

Please visit our enrolment kiosk at Carrefour near Promenada, in Green Court (Str. Gara Herastrau no. 4C), Orhideea or Baneasa and test our solution.

Your data security is our most important concern; it is encrypted and stored in the most secure way and is only used for the purposes of facilitating you a smoother identification for payment.

Please refer to the list of the possible questions that you might have (FAQ section in our website), with our detailed answers.
Should you wish to get in touch with us, please see our contact details below.


The benefits of the most secure identification possibility available currently in the market, patented by us, are multiple for various businesses, be it in the retail area, medical service, education, transportation and more. Imagine a customer journey where all he needs is the fingerprint. Imagine the care-free mindset and the freedom that we offer to people, by accessing, in emergency cases, their personal medical files, anywhere, by a simple scanning of the fingerprint.

The advantages that VAULT·A encompases for your business are vast and unique.
We would be more than happy to elaborate them with you and customize our solution for the needs of your business. Should you wish to get in touch with us, please see our contact details below.


We are happy to present you news of our latest product development and VAULT·A deployment points. Here are some photos from the first store in Romania, Carrefour Green Court.


We work with an ecosystem of key trusted partners to help bring VAULT·A to as many people as possible. They are vital to us.

These partners help us solve problems ranging from speeding up self-service and rewarding great customers, to age verification and frictionless payments.

In practice, we think of all VAULT·A users as partners, rather than customers. Each has a key role to play. And together we are stronger.